Work Friendships; The Key to Productivity

Work Friendships; The Key To Productivity

The relationship between people at the workplace greatly contributes to the performance and general well-being of employees. Human beings are social creatures – It’s in our nature. An individual cannot therefore operate in a vacuum or by the touch of a button like amachines.

According to a study by job site Comparably, having co-workers as friends is directly connected to productivity in the workplace.

“Having friends at work is key to personal happiness, and is also vital for career advancement. Making friends at the workplace is not only important to your personal happiness, but it plays a big part in having a successful career as well.”

From the study which was conducted across the tech industry in the United States, 56% of men and 60% of women said they had a close friend at work.

“One of the most important yet ignored factors is the benefits of having good relations at work. The large source of stress for most employees is the boss and day-to-day pressures of work. An individual cannot work on their own, they need people around. If an organization feels empty in personal relations, it demotivates and spreads negativity making it hard to achieve goals,” said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar.

So how is something as simple as having a co-worker friend increase productivity? Harvard Business School Professor Teresa Amabile says it best.

“It all boils down to trust and bonding. People tend to be more creative and focused when they experience positive emotions, positive inner work life and positive perceptions of organizations they work for.

One thing that contributes to positive inner work life adds Amabile is the feeling of camaraderie with co-workers- a sense of mutual trust and bond.

Apart from an increase in productivity and general happiness of the employees, other benefits of good employee relationships include; work becomes easier when shared, there is a good working environment, minimal conflicts, increased motivation, sense of belonging and responsibility, and low absenteeism and turnover.

Consequently, policies that demand that employees work non-stop for 8-9 hours without breaks are unsustainable and unhelpful to individuals and organizations. With such unreasonable job requirements employees are bound to be distracted and lose motivation, instead, slot in time for lunch, brief walks to cultivate employee interactions.

It is therefore important for healthy employee relations to be encouraged and cultivated through team building, teamwork, and delegation of tasks among activities.


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