Issue 3: Are You Working In A Toxic Work Environment?


Most of us have experienced toxic work environments. Myself included. Environments
that glorify unquestioning obedience and promote favouritism over the quality of work output. Earlier on in my career, I encountered bosses who ‘nano-managed’ everyone and ruled with an iron fist while invoking the fear of God by their mere presence in the office. Needless to say, the work environment was always characterized by employees hurdling in small groups by the water dispenser complaining in hushed tones at their mutual suffering.

The bosses were more concerned with creating lemmings as opposed to free-thinkers who would contribute to the overall success of the company. The late Steve Jobs rightfully put it when he said, It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.

A Harvard Business School study on 60,000 employees reported that 78% of employees said that their commitment to the organization declined due to a toxic work environment or behaviour, while 66% said that their performance declined. Lan-x Africa’s HR expert, Faith Kiplagat emphasizes that a toxic work environment can negatively impact on your business’
bottom line.

Imagine a scenario where employees dread to go to work every morning. And every time that they are at work, can’t wait to leave. Consequently, the employees will not commit 100% to their roles and therefore, they will not be productive. This will hurt the company’s
overall perfomance.

Unproductivity equals poor performance. Faith explains the signs to look out for so that you
know whether your company is a toxic environment for employees…

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