5 Tips to Declutter Your Digital Life

5 tips to declutter your digital life

Ever thought of decluttering digital junk? Think of hundreds of photos and documents in your computer that have accumulated over the years. Or drawers of old cell phones, cables and old earphones you will never use. Digital waste can create so much clutter without even realizing.

How to declutter your power cables

Get rid of them

The first culprit of tech clutter in every household or office is power cables. This is mainly because you need different cables for smartphones, cameras, laptop, and other electronics which create tangles and a pile of mess.

To depopulate power cables, gather the cables and purge the ones you do not need. If this sounds difficult, use the advice of Marissa Hagmeyer, an organization consultant who says, “If you don’t know where it goes, get rid of it.” Use this approach for tech gadgets that you haven’t used for over six months. To discard responsibly donate the recycling organizations, phone repairers, to someone who needs it or re-sell them.

Have a designated place for all your tech accessories.

Pick a place in your house where you will store the cables like a closet, cabinet or a box. Then categorize the wires and give them compartments, for example, USB cables, earphones, phone chargers, computer chargers etc. and label each with a label maker. Designating a place for each item will save you time finding them.

Hide wires that live out in the open.

After stashing spare cables in their place, you will, of course, have others like TV cables that stay plugged in all day. These you need to tidy up to keep them off the floor or hanging on desks.

You can use twisty wires and rubber bands and wrap them around furniture like on the legs just to keep them out of plain sight.

How to resist digital hoarding.

Do an annual clearance of the files you no longer need.

To sort files, open containing folders and sort by date. Eliminate files you have not opened in over one year.

On smartphones, prune any unnecessary apps you have not touched in months and are taking up space.

Manage your enormous photo library.

Deleting photos is the most challenging since deleting your memories might be painful. However, photos are what takes up the most memory space, so some maintenance is crucial.

To declutter photos, start by deleting, duplicated photos, blurry shots and old screenshots.

Then next delete photos that were decent but not your favourites. Ask yourself, is this something I would love to see again? Does it make me happy? Do I want to spend more time on this photo in future? If the answer to any is yes, then delete it.

 An easy tactic of managing photos is to use Google Photos which backs up each photo, compiles them into albums and includes a tool to delete the photos from your device.

Do not overlook the importance of digital tiding up, it might seem harmless but clutter helps no one.


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