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The Good, The Bad & The Success – Kitengela Hot Glass

  Successful businesses start with a big idea and a great vision and Kitengela Hot Glass is no exception. The studio borders the Nairobi National


New Frontiers in Business

Millennials are known to be risk takers and innovators who are ready to jump at new opportunities and be their own boss. And this, contrary

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The Path To Efficiency & Profits

  The landscape has drastically changed, especially when it comes to doing business in the 21st century. Hitherto the turn of the millennia, terms like;

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Why Your Company Needs An Employee Financial Program

54% } The percentage of employees who are stressed about their finances according to a survey conducted by PWC in 2018. Financial wellness is just

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Tell-Tale Signs Of Toxic And Unsustainable Debt

Many who are weighed down with debt opt first for self-help, trimming back on spending and keeping a close eye on accounts. But much like

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The Wealth Seeker

When Simon left the village 31 years ago, like many other young men of his time, nothing in his hunches could convince him that his

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GDP At Stake As Kenyans’ Poor Saving Culture Persists

  Kenyans crossed into 2019 optimistic to the realization of their New Year’s resolutions. Among them, financial independence despite 2018 being the most economically challenging

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Succession Planning: Why Your Organization Needs It

  The joy and backbone of every organization is continuity, yet for many, the concept of succession planning remains on the back-burners. This is perhaps