Perpetual Kendi - Founder, Addleston PR & Marketing
Perpetual Kendi - Founder, Addleston PR & Marketing

Name: Perpetual Kendi
Age: 25
Founder, Addleston PR & Marketing

Perpetual Kendi is the ultimate millennial marketer. In an attempt to break the barriers of traditional public relations and marketing, through her company, Addleston PR and marketing, she successfully incorporates creative strategy, effective story-telling, communication, technology and the love of pop culture, therefore, setting the pace in the PR industry.

A simple venture of buying belts at Nairobi’s Bus Station market and selling them at a profit forged an entrepreneurial spirit within Perpetual. She was a marketing student at the time. Slowly, her passion for marketing and the insatiable desire for success grew and as a result, she founded Addleston PR and Marketing in 2013. The idea sprang from her experience in campus where she handled sponsorship management for brands as well as raising funds for events, for social impact. Five years later, Perpetual has made great strides and her company now handles event PR, corporate PR, sports PR and individual PR.

Her clientele includes well-established companies such as Credit Bank, political leaders, Kenyan sports stars and entrepreneurs such as Carol Pulei. “Public relations for me is all about telling the right story,” she says, and if the testimonies of those she has worked with
are anything to go by, then she definitely gets it right. In 2017, Perpetual discovered a gap in international media publicity and therefore elevated her practice to the international scene. So far, she has worked with top international media companies such as Aljazeera, CNN, CNBC, BBC and Bloomberg among others. In line with her passion for social impact, she was recently part of the publicity team at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Conference (UNODC).

Perpetual agrees that having a great idea does not guarantee success in business. In fact, she emphasizes the need for young people to gain skills, experience and build networks in employment before venturing into business. “Entrepreneurship is not about age, it’s about delivery. I focus on building my skills, and reinventing myself so that I can deliver the best to my clients,” she offers. At only 25, Perpetual has set the bar in Public Relations in the
country and continues to prove that age is no barrier, only a limitation that you put on your mind.

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