Duncan Njue - Founder & CEO Growthpad Digital Consulting
Duncan Njue - Founder & CEO Growthpad Digital Consulting

Duncan Njue
Age: 26
Founder, CEO Growthpad Digital Consulting

Duncan Njue is the founder and CEO of Growthpad digital consulting (GDC), a technology and digital media consulting company, and the founder of Zidi Africa, a digital platform that helps individuals start, grow and scale online businesses.

Duncan’s entrepreneurial journey began quite early in life. Save for his childhood where he would rent out his bike at a fee, he headed a youth think tank in campus for young entrepreneurs in the Kisumu region through the Kenya Youth Hub Organization. “My team and I organized workshops that brought together young people from different Universities across Africa, to discuss matters entrepreneurship and link them with opportunities,” Duncan shares.

It is said an entrepreneur bites off more than he can chew, hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it. Since the age of 19, Duncan has started 7 businesses, and while 5 have failed, he continues to pursue his passion through Growthpad Digital Consulting and Zidi Africa.
Growthpad Digital Consulting started operations in January 2017, in a bid to catch the wave of digital marketing. “I realized there was an unexplored market in the digital space, so I decided to build a technology and media services company with the same standards as global, multinational tech and media companies,” he says.

The company has grown from a team of two to a vibrant team of twelve, serving some of Kenya’s largest corporates including Bio Food Products, Fairmont Hotels and Mabati Rolling Mills, to name but a few. Duncan believes that technology and the internet are a gold mine in this age, with the opportunities and promise it presents. “I like to say that there is a massive “land grab” going on online as we speak and if you don’t take this chance to get a piece of the prime plots, sooner or later it will be too late or too expensive.

To be ready for this massive change, build skills that are needed to transform the old economies into new vibrant ecosystems,” he offers. Duncan has had his fair share of challenges in the murky business waters. He has had to sell some of his personal assets to keep the business afloat at some point, not to mention having to compete for clients at the
same level with companies that have a proven track record.

Most business leaders will judge you from face value, therefore over the years, my goal has been to present myself as experienced and knowledgeable as any other business leader. I also read a lot to stay ahead of industry trends and I have mentors who keep me grounded and focused.

The 26-year-old CEO believes that the fear of competition cripples many aspiring entrepreneurs, yet there are numerous opportunities that cannot be exhausted. “Find your niche and build up on it bearing in mind that you should dream big but start small.”

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