What would Jesus do and how?

The word ‘money’ is mentioned about 2,300 times in the Bible. And approximately 2 in every 3 parables that Jesus spoke about had something to do with money. Perhaps to suggest that Jesus understood money more than anything else during his time on earth. Coming from a business-minded parentage, (Joseph being a carpenter), he must have mastered the art of business and money. In scripture, money is mentioned twice as much as faith and prayer and about 15% of everything Jesus said touched on money and possessions. He even spoke about money more than he spoke about heaven and hell combined.

The subject of business and money is very emotive. Professor Gustavo Carlo, University of Missouri said, Financial challenges are taking a toll on family relationships even among high-income brackets. Sometime back, BBC reported that, 38% of British nationals admitted that financial worries had led to more family arguments and stress.

The knowledge and understanding of how to build and grow business and money is very central to family stability and peace. Gallup Research has enlisted lack of money, excess
debt, cost of owning (mortgage) or renting a home, job loss and health-related issues as the most important financial problems facing families. This enforces and confirms why Jesus spent more time making reference to it.

But if Jesus was a businessman today, how would he do it? What business would he do, carpentry? And how much money would he make? How many employees would he have and how would he manage them?

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