In the previous issue, we introduced you to the Wealth Access Code (an intrinsic code hidden in the behaviour pattern of all that allows a person to live a life of plenty). In this issue, we shall give you the steps you can follow to guarantee you success no matter your current situation. You don’t need any research to understand that in this world there are five categories of people based on their wealth status:
(1) The Ultra Wealthy/Rich
(2) The Wealthy
(3) The Average
(4) The Poor
(5) The Ultra Poor

All these categories of people would want to move to the next upper level of wealth but it appears that there is always a canopy. A thick cloud or ceiling that prevents each category from moving to the next higher level. Author Dr Kaleel Jamison in his book Nibble Theory of
Growth and The Kernel of Power rightfully puts it; Many have lost their fortunes to
runaway opportunities which in their calculations was to be the ultimate game-changer.

Every year, Forbes magazine publishes a list of the richest men in the world with which information they also use to rank richest men in every continent and specific family, that the creator deemed best for you to accomplish and fulfil that purpose. And your prosperity
lies in this purpose. The extent to which you live your purpose determines the extent to which prosperity will be actualized.

One of the reasons 99% of the population does not live their purpose is because they allow their environment to determine what they become. Comparing yourself to your neighbour causes you to restructure your life so as to imitate theirs. The end result is the a loss of time, money and ultimately prosperity. To know your purpose, listen to your body, your inner self and allow your creator to guide you because he is the master builder. He alone has the complete manual of your life and can thus guide you effectively if only you allow Him to.

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