Eight years ago, American author Joshua Fields woke up and resigned from his six-figure salary job. He had worked his way up the corporate ladder and by the time he was resigning he was the director of operations of 150 retail stores. He had managed thousands of employees and million-dollar budgets. He had even amassed several accolades. Joshua was well on his way to becoming a C-level executive before the age of 40.

When he announced that he was leaving all this behind to leap into a new chapter in his life, everyone thought he was deranged. Some thought he had gotten greener pastures and wanted to tag along. Most people simply didn’t understand his decision.

To the outside world, Joshua was purportedly living the ‘American Dream’. His lavish suburban home, several luxurious cars and an even brighter career in sight. His was living the ‘ideal’ life that everyone works decades to achieve.

However, unknown to many, he was drowning in debt. Joshua had worked hard and made a lot of money throughout his career. But on the other hand he would spend more than he earned- a doomed equation no matter your income- as he says. His consumer-driven lifestyle had led him to live way beyond his means, therefore, drowning him debt. Outwardly, Joshua seemed successful, however, deep down he was unhappy and depressed. After bidding farewell to his corporate life he embraced a new kind of lifestyle that gradually made him happy and improved his finances- minimalism.

The Birth of Minimalism

Minimalism is a movement that embraces the less-is-more way of living. It traces its roots back to America in the 1960s and has since been adopted by celebrities and some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs.

Some of the entrepreneurs who embrace this kind of lifestyle include late IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad. At the time of his death, his net worth was over USD 50 billion. Despite swimming in opulence, the billionaire preferred flying economy class, bought secondhand clothes and drove a 1993 Volvo.

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