There is an array of factors that influence the performance of a business and define workplace dynamics. They include but are not limited to strategy, culture, and employees’ technical ability. An interesting twist, however, and one often overlooked could be playing a key role in business; spirituality.

It is paramount to recognize that spirituality means different things to different people and organizations, and it is therefore incorporated into business in different ways. For some organizations, it’s among their corporate values such as honesty, integrity, efficiency and even community service. For others, it’s their faith and belief in a higher power, which informs their business decisions. While to some Feng Shui principles are their spiritual basis.

There are varying perceptions and definitions of spirituality that make this phenomenon as interesting as it is. Spirituality seems to emphasize how one’s beliefs are applied on a day-to-day basis, inversely, religion can invoke fears of dogmatism and exclusivity. Stephen Covey, in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, says that, “Business people want their spirituality to be more than just faith and belief. They want it to be practical and applicable.”

True to this, findings from a recent research conducted by Lan-x Africa on the place of spirituality in startups revealed that 77.1% of business startups within Nairobi are guided by religious beliefs. The research further revealed that 74.3% of these businesses practically apply the religion they profess, with a majority through regular prayer.

In business as in life, the choice to ascribe to a particular way of doing things is more often than not driven by the benefits acquired as a result.

The impact of spirituality on profitability

According to the Lan-x Africa research, 25.7% of the respondents attribute their profitability to religion.

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