Business & Money is a global product by Lan-x Africa Limited that focuses on Africa and seeks to help it’s readers, viewers and attendees succeed big in business & money through top of class research based wealth infopreneurship.

Launched first in January 2019, Business & Money provides unrivaled vitality of ready to consume wealth information backed by empirical research and careful analysis by some of the world’s leading investment analysts, business journalists and wealth moguls. It is the intention of Business & Money to be a reference point for and to anyone seeking to build and grow wealth in Africa. From Cairo to Cape Town, Dakar to Nairobi, Business & Money is your Authoritative Wealth Companion.

Business & Money’s core purpose is to bring you the vitality needed to grow your wealth through a monthly Business & Money Magazine, daily updated Business & Money Website, Monthly Business & Money Experience/Conversations in designated cities in Africa with carefully selected CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and leading industrialist in different sectors. Our commitment to excellence is embedded in our DNA because we know the time for Africa is now.


Our editorial team is made up of world-class experts in their respective areas and are backed by a team of exceptional researchers who goes out of their way to great depth and length in order to ensure the information is both credible, authoritative and unmatched. The team of editors-at-large are carefully chosen from the world’s greatest writers who are ethically responsible and unequivocally talented in their work. We go great lengths to bring you useful information that you can rely on in your decision making.

Our top of class products and services includes the following:


  1. A Monthly Business & Money Magazine
  2. Business & Money Online – a digital platform where wealthinfopreneurship is shared and updated almost on a daily basis
  3. Business & Money Experience/Conversations – monthly meetings with leading CEOs, Entrepreneurs and wealth magnates conducted in designated cities in Africa.

Business & Money is all the time committed to producing great editorial work that meets and exceeds the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, transparency and lawfulness, the four pillars that defines good journalism. Our print, digital and Business & Money Experience reflects our undiluted commitment to the highest degree of quality and integrity and we treasure our reputation because we know a good name is all the time better than gold.

We are open to positive criticism and welcome suggestions for future improvements and or clarifications.

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